Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Can't Sail With Us? You Can Still Join Us... Here's How!

Greetings All! We are less than two months away from the anticipated Serenity at Sea cruise!!! Me and the other authors are REALLY looking forward to this time of relaxation and serenity! I believe there is still room on board if anyone is still interested! Can't make it this go round? It's okay, I certainly understand. BUT, if you have a business, ministry, product, service or even book that you'd still like to promote, consider placing an ad with us in the OFFICIAL Serenity at Sea program booklet!!! We offer affordable rates for all budgets and this is a GREAT opportunity to gain some broader exposure and a wider marketing reach!!! Consequently, time is winding down and we do want to have these beautiful booklets produced and ready to distribute aboard the ship! If you are interested in placing YOUR ad, contact us today at jetsetbusiness@gmail.com! We also have a special AUTHOR ONLY promo for just $35 and an even sweeter deal to add your business card for just $30 as we inch closer to our design deadline! These are HUGE savings for your so please take advantage! We'd love to have you partner with us! Hope to hear from you soon!

Joy & Blessings!

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