Monday, November 14, 2011

Serenity at Sea Logo Design (Possibility)

Greetings All! 
Here is a glance at the first logo design sample for Serenity at Sea! This design, once finalized, will be included on the t-shirts that will include all of the author participants names on the back and logo plus scripture on front. The logo will probably actually be in all white on an aqua blue shirt but for other printing and marketing materials, the colors may vary. So what do ya think? :) T-shirts will be made available for purchase for guests as we'll have some extra's made up for anyone who would like to have one as a keepsake or commemorative gift item. I've received some great feedback thus far and even some pretty awesome suggestions so please share your thoughts here as well! Joy & Blessings! 

Friday, November 11, 2011


Greetings Everyone!!! I have some updates regarding the Serenity at Sea cruise 2012! I just found out that the Carnival Destiny is completely booked and that all rooms have been reserved HOWEVER, we have a certain allotment of rooms that were held specifically for Serenity at Sea!!! Talk about FAVOR! Consequently, this does mean that the spaces are limited and once they are gone... they are gone!! However, at present (hmmmm...let's see today just so happens to be 11-11-11) there are rooms available and that means that YOU too can join us by locking in your deposit ASAP! :) But please be mindful that we now only have interior and balconies available as all Ocean Views are all gone! This is truly going to be a cruise to remember!!! I have some major announcements coming up to introduce you the full guest list of authors, poets, artists, magazine publisher, book publishers, psalmists, songwriters and MORE that will be joining us aboard the ship! I am so excited!!! But for now, gotta hit these books! ;) Some of you may already know, yours truly is a full-time student so I've been grinding pretty hard BUT the pay-off will be sweet and God-willing, we are going to have an AWESOME time of relaxation and SERENITY! Will you join us? :) Joy & Blessings!!!!