Monday, October 17, 2011

IMPORTANT Information Call for Authors - 10/24

Greetings Authors!

There will be an important call to discuss updates regarding the Serenity at Sea Cruise next summer! I am so excited that you all are considering or have decided to join us! We are going to have a FANTASTIC time and God will certainly be glorified! This is not your average cruise nor is it the average book signing. Sharing the love of Christ is what it is all about and winning souls is what it's all about. Using our books as tools for ministry is truly what this endeavor is about but it's also an opportunity for us to simply relax and allow God to restore us!

I am truly excited about what God is going to do and I've already received such a tremendous outpouring of support in many ways. I am looking forward to spreading the word to the masses so we can truly have a wonderful turnout aboard the ship! I do hope that you all will check back into this site periodically for updates and also invite your family, friends, church members, etc. to visit the site as well! REMEMBER... this is not just a cruise for authors only! We invite couples, singles, families, book lovers, music lovers and just any one who wants to enjoy "Serenity at Sea" with us!

Below is the call-in information for the next conference call that we will have for the authors. I look forward to hearing you all on the call!

Joy & Blessings!

Monday, October 24 - 8pm (EST) 
Dial In (605) 477-2100
Participant Access Code: 804810#